Eternal Fire | BetBoom Dacha 2023 Closed Qualifier mix

Eternal Fire Bids Farewell to BetBoom Dacha 2023 Qualifiers

Our representative, Eternal Fire, had been inactive in tournaments for a while when they received an invitation to the BetBoom Dacha 2023 CS2 tournament qualifiers, which started two weeks ago. In their first match of the qualifiers, they faced Aurora, known for their colorful hair, and suffered a 2-0 defeat, relegating them to the Lower Bracket. Today, our representative bid farewell to the tournament with another 2-0 loss to BIG as they competed in the Lower Bracket to advance from the group. Unfortunately, tracking the tournament became challenging for viewers as HLTV is currently closed in our country, and there were broadcasting issues.

First Map of the Series – Anubis | Eternal Fire’s Choice:

BIG secured the pistol round in our representative’s choice, followed by a four-round streak, leading 6-0. However, our team managed to respond with a four-round streak of their own, bringing the score to 4-6. The remaining two rounds were won by BIG, concluding the first half at 4-8.

In the second half, Eternal Fire won the pistol round and initiated a comeback. Despite BIG responding with a single round, our team secured a four-round streak with clutch plays, bringing the score to 11-9. After exchanging one-round each, our representative became the first to reach the map point. BIG, winning two consecutive rounds, forced the map into overtime. In the overtime rounds, BIG maintained their gameplay and closed the map with a score of 14-16 in their favor.

Second Map of the Series – Vertigo | BIG’s Choice:

Although BIG won the pistol round, our representative responded with a force buy, starting the map at 1-1. BIG countered with force buys, bringing the score to 1-3. Eternal Fire, with a seven-round streak, turned the tide and led 8-3. The first half ended 8-4 in favor of Eternal Fire.

Transitioning to the T side, BIG nearly dominated our representative in the pistol round and gained momentum, bringing the score to 8-11. Despite our team responding with a round win, BIG closed the map with victories in the last two rounds, winning 9-13 and securing a 2-0 overall victory to advance in the tournament. Unfortunately, this meant the end of the road for Eternal Fire in the competition.

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