The creator of Jujutsu Kaisen, Gege Akutami, inked Mahoraga in the new artwork.

The Shibuya Incident Arc in Jujutsu Kaisen placed Yuji Itadori and the other members of Jujutsu Tech in significant difficulties. When Gojo was imprisoned in the Cursed Realm by his main adversary Suguru Geto, the world lost one of its most powerful forces for good, opening the doors for malevolent sorcerers to take advantage. In the final battle where Megumi struggled to survive, the young sorcerer revealed his “trump card” and summoned a creature known as Mahoraga, which the creator Gege Akutami shared in their new artwork.

Megumi’s power comes from being a part of a specific lineage that can summon creatures known as “Shikigami.” While these creatures are typically seen as a collection of animals ranging from rabbits to wolves and elephants, Yuji’s ally has the ability to summon a creature with the full name “Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Diving General Mahoraga.” Mahoraga is not only a power center but also possesses almost unparalleled regeneration abilities from almost any injury. Due to its energy levels, Megumi cannot control the Shikigami once summoned, as seen in the Shibuya Incident Arc. Fortunately for Megumi, Mahoraga has only encountered Sukuna besides him, sparing others, but Shibuya residents suffered greatly as a result.

Jujutsu Kaisen
(Photo: Jujutsu Kaisen)


Gege Akutami is resurrecting Mahoraga – Jujutsu Kaisen

As witnessed by anime viewers, Sukuna managed to achieve victory over Mahoraga through “Expansion of Domain” during their battle. Despite Mahoraga’s absurd healing factor, it couldn’t escape Sukuna’s attack as the domain cut the Shikigami down to its atoms. As Mahoraga was defeated, a significant part of Shibuya was destroyed, and Yuji had to face the consequences.

While Yuji managed to reclaim his body, he didn’t have much time to celebrate this fact as he not only witnessed the destruction caused by Sukuna but also had to see one of his closest allies brutally killed. Although Nanami may have survived Jogo’s fiery attack, he was brought down by a surprise assault from the villainous Mahito. With a few episodes left before the conclusion of the Shibuya Incident Arc in the second season of Jujutsu Kaisen, there are still some significant events to unfold.

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