Attack on Titan

Kratos in the Attack On Titan Universe

Many of us are familiar with the God Of War game series and its character Kratos. Kratos’ unending rage against Gods and Titans, his desire to kill, and his sense of revenge are unfortunately well known to us.

What if the Titan Slayer Was a Titan Himself?

What would happen if Kratos, the main character of God Of War, was in the Attack on Titan universe? Presenting to you, a collaboration between 5mid and Midjourney, Kratos in the Attack On Titan Universe.

This project is based on the influence of the Titan Slayer as a Titan in the Attack On Titan universe.

Possible Outcomes:

  • A Strong Threat Against Titans: Kratos’ formidable combat skills and lethal nature could pose a significant threat not only to Titans but also to humans, given his inherent anger and destructiveness.
  • A Mediator Between Humans and Titans: Kratos’ emergence as a Titan could have the potential to create a kind of mediation or balance between humans and Titans. He could take on a leadership role among Titans while aiming to protect humans from them.
  • Challenging Other Titans: Kratos might try to defeat other Titans in combat. Preferring solitude, he may not want allies, seeking to be the sole power and threat to any rival. This could complicate the fundamental theme of battling Titans in the “Attack on Titan” story.

In conclusion, Kratos’ existence as a Titan in the “Attack on Titan” universe would significantly alter the course and narrative of the universe, leading to various scenarios depending on these changes.

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