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Clash of Clans: Top Base Layouts for Town Hall 9

In the beloved game Clash of Clans, village layouts are crucial. As you upgrade your Town Hall, choosing the right base layout plays a significant role in protecting your loot and trophy pushing. In this article, we’ll share the most effective Town Hall 9 base layouts with you.

Photos of the Village Layouts and Copy Links are also Available in Our News.

Layout 1 : 

If your main goal is trophy pushing and not so much about loot, this layout is perfect for you. Keeping high HP buildings away from the Town Hall ensures that your opponent’s troops are eliminated before reaching the center.

Copy Link for Layout 1 

Layout 2 :

This layout, which can be used in both Main Village and War Base, makes it nearly impossible for your opponent to score 3 stars. Large gaps between your buildings and their even distribution across the village will greatly challenge your attacker.

Copy Link for Layout 2 

Layout 3 : 

Here’s another layout for both Main Village and War Base. Designed for those who say, “I don’t want to give away 3 stars in clan wars or lose trophies,” this layout almost guarantees that your attacker will run out of time.

Copy Link for Layout 3

Layout 4 :

The most popular layout for Town Hall 9 lately, especially designed for storing loot, particularly Dark Elixir.

Copy Link for Layout 4

Layout 5 : 

Designed for those who have recently upgraded to Town Hall 9 and need to secure their loot from battles.

Copy Link for Layout 5

Layout 6 :

Arguably the strongest layout for Dark Defense so far. An anti-Golem and Valkyrie layout, where the chance of being 3-starred is almost nil.

Copy Link for Layout 6

Layout 7 : 

An arachnid-themed layout for those who want to show off a bit after fully upgrading their Town Hall 9.

Copy Link for Layout 7

Layout 8 : 

A layout that facilitates your progress and securely stores your loots. One of the safest layouts for Town Hall 9, perfect for those who prefer minimal risk.

Copy Link for Layout 8


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