A Christmas Gift for a Gamer from PlayStation

“A lucky customer is overjoyed due to the crazy surprise they encountered when the PlayStation Portal finally arrived in the mail.”

One of these fans was Reddit user SLR-1219, who shared something that looked like an early Christmas gift in a post on a PlayStation sub-thread. According to them, they had placed a pre-order for the PlayStation Portal at the beginning of September, but then noticed that the transaction had disappeared from their account.

After placing a second order for the new Sony handheld, SLR-1219 assumed everything was finally in order. This was until the day their order was supposed to arrive, as they received not just one, but two tracking links in their email. To their surprise, there were two PlayStation Portals at their doorstep. When they checked their bank information, they discovered they were only charged for one Portal.

Quite a sweet deal, and oddly fitting considering Black Friday is just around the corner.

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“The PlayStation Portal, which started selling on November 15, is currently only available abroad. It is not yet clear when it will come to Turkey.

What Do You Think About the PlayStation Portal?”

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