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Attack on Titan Eevealed Crucial Information About Eren’s Apocalypse Titan.

Eren Jaeger may have spent a significant portion of the final episode in the Founding Titan form, but Attack on Titan’s grand finale introduced an entirely new form, one that seemed to be a combination of the Attack Titan and Founding Titan forms — the “Rumbling Titan,” presenting a final challenge for Armin and the Scout Regiment. In a recently released promotional text, the franchise delved into more details about Eren’s ultimate and last form introduced in the final episode.

Unfortunately, in The Rumbling, Eren successfully eliminated eighty percent of the world’s population with the power of his own and the army of Colossal Titans under his command. Fortunately, the scouts were able to save at least the remaining twenty percent from being crushed under the feet of the Titans. After Eren’s death, with Mikasa taking his head from his shoulders, the power of the Titans was removed from the world, and the remaining humans now had to pick up the pieces. In the post-credits scene of the final episode, creator Hajime Isayama implied that the events were part of a cycle, suggesting that Titans could potentially return in the distant future.

Attack On Titan
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Attack on Titan: The Rumbling Titan Revealed

Attack on Titan provides insight into Eren’s Rumbling Titan and how it came to be in a new information card: “A Rumbling Titan that reverts to a Titan by losing its body. It is believed to possess at least the abilities of the Attack Titan. Even after losing his body, royal blood, and the power of the Founding Titan, it continues to advance, even if hell itself lies in its path.”

Eren’s transformation from the main character to the main antagonist demonstrates how bold Attack on Titan is in dropping major bombs in its narrative. Alongside missing characters bidding farewell in the series finale, many anime fans will undoubtedly miss the deviations and unexpected moments that filled creator Hajime Isayama’s series.

When it comes to Eren Jaeger’s Titan transformations, which form was your favorite? Now that the anime has concluded, what was your favorite Titan in the series? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

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