2024 Şampiyonluk Ligi'nde Yeni Bir İsim: Misa Esports League of Legends

Misa Esports Steps into the Spotlight in TCL 2024 as Misali2 Takes a Bold Leap

The landscape of competitive League of Legends in Turkey is about to witness a dynamic transformation. The Misali2 organization has unveiled its plans to field a formidable team under the banner of Misa Esports in the 2024 Turkish Championship League.

In an official statement from Misa Esports, it was declared that, commencing the 2023-2024 season, they will grace the League of Legends Turkish Championship League stage as Misa Esports. Our unwavering ambition for the foreseeable future is to dominate the Championship League. Stay tuned for forthcoming roster announcements, and make sure not to miss out on following our journey.

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