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ShowMaker Extends His Contract with Dplus KIA for Another 3 Years!

SEOUL, South Korea — Renowned League of Legends player known as ‘ShowMaker,’ Heo Su, has signed a new 3-year contract with Dplus KIA, one of Korea’s leading esports teams. With this agreement, ShowMaker will be a part of Dplus KIA until the year 2026.

Showmaker | Dplus KIA
Showmaker | Dplus KIA

Since joining Dplus KIA in 2017, ShowMaker has been a cornerstone of the team. Under his leadership, the team rose from the 2nd League, ‘LoL Challengers Korea,’ to achieve victories in ‘LoL Champions Korea’ (LCK) and even the ‘LoL World Championship.’ However, this year, Dplus KIA faced early eliminations in the LCK spring and summer seasons, and ShowMaker struggled with fluctuations in his performance.

Despite this, most industry experts predicted that ShowMaker would stay with the team. Even when he became a free agent (FA) in 2021, he decided to return to Dplus KIA without engaging in serious negotiations with other teams.

On the other hand, it has been confirmed that ShowMaker’s teammate, ‘Canyon’ Kim Geon-bu, will transfer to Gen.G. In place of Canyon, Dplus KIA is bringing in the promising player from the second team, ‘Lucid’ Choi Yong-hyuk. Additionally, agreements were not renewed with ‘Khan’ Kim Chang-dong and ‘Deft’ Kim Hyuk-kyu. They are being replaced by ‘Kingen’ Hwang Sung-hoon and ‘Aiming’ Kim Ha-ram. The team is also strengthening with the additions of coaches Lee Jae-min and Park Jun-hyung following the departures of Choi Cheon-ju and Kang Beom-hyeon.

How did worlds 2023 go for ShowMaker?

Worlds 2023 did not go as planned for Dplus KIA. In a tournament initially dominated by Chinese teams and later losing to T1 one by one, ShowMaker secured 4 wins and 4 losses in the 8 matches he played. Dplus KIA concluded Worlds 2023 by being defeated by KT Rolster, placing between 9th and 11th.

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