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Papara SuperMassive History: A Story of Leadership and Evolution

Papara SuperMassive, a Turkish esports team, has not only made a significant impact in the competitive gaming world but also showcased a remarkable journey of leadership, evolution, and international collaboration. This article explores the team’s history, highlighting the roles of its key organizational members and their contributions to the team’s success, along with the influence of professional Korean players.

São Paulo, Brazil on 28 April 2017
São Paulo, Brazil on 28 April 2017

The Genesis and Transformation

Originally known as SuperMassive Blaze, the team underwent a significant transformation, rebranding to Papara SuperMassive. This period marked a new era, symbolizing a blend of continuity and change in the team’s ethos and strategic approach.

The Pillars of Leadership

The current team organization is a blend of vision and expertise, led by co-owners Hakan “Big Boss” Baş, Kaan “Godfather” Karamancı, İbrahim Onur “Lethilion” Aksu, and Bora “CARPELUX” Koçyiğit. Their collective leadership has steered the team through various phases of growth and challenges.

Strategic Management and Operations

CEO Christopher Leo Willekens and COO Emre Can Terzi are at the forefront of the team’s operations, providing strategic and operational guidance. Their synergy has been instrumental in the team’s organizational success.

Marketing and Coaching: The Driving Forces

The Head of Marketing role, though currently vacant, has been crucial in shaping the team’s brand and outreach. Head Coach Arkhe’s expertise has been vital in honing the team’s competitive edge and tactical play.

The Korean Influence


Papara SuperMassive has been notably enriched by the talents of several professional Korean players. Names like GBM, Frozen, Snowflower, Chieftain, Haru, Kakao, and Wolf stand out as key contributors. Their participation brought a unique blend of skills and perspectives, elevating the team’s performance and international reputation. This infusion of Korean talent underscores the team’s commitment to global excellence and diversity in its roster.

Roster Dynamics and Competitive Achievements

The team’s roster has seen dynamic changes, with key players making significant contributions. Their participation in various tournaments has showcased their competitive spirit and tactical acumen.


Papara SuperMassive’s rich history in the esports scene is a narrative of strategic leadership, operational excellence, and a melting pot of international talent. The team, under the guidance of its visionary leaders, skilled players, and the unique influence of Korean professionals, continues to be a prominent force in the League of Legends Esports scene. As they forge ahead, Papara SuperMassive remains a symbol of resilience, innovation, and excellence in the world of competitive gaming.

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