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Hunter X Hunter Author Reveals Possible Final Scenarios Due to His Illness!

Togashi added that if he were to pass away before completing the series, fans should consider this shelved scenario as the true ending of Hunter x Hunter.

Togashi recently shared a possible ending for the series, one that fans should consider canon in the event of his untimely death.

Yoshiro Togashi who is the autoher of Hunter x Hunter has been battling health issues for some time, leading to several hiatuses in the manga series. Despite recently releasing new chapters, the schedule has been inconsistent, and concerns about his health still persist. Togashi seems to be taking a gradual approach to his return and responding to the demands of the series.

The interview with Togashi was aired on TV Asahi’s Iwakura and Yoshizumi Show program on November 21, but in an online leak, Togashi revealed that he currently has three possible endings in mind for the series. He did not share any details about them but instead disclosed a fourth ending and set it aside.

Hunter x Hunter, the conclusion of Togashi:

Hunter x Hunter Possible Ending
Hunter x Hunter Possible Ending
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Togashi hopes that the first ending, which he estimates would please about 50% of readers and dissatisfy 20%, will be well-received. Option B will be evenly split between satisfied and dissatisfied readers. However, the satisfaction rate for the third option will be only 10%, with a dissatisfaction rate of 90%. Togashi admits that the ending he would enjoy the most would likely be the one that fans would least appreciate. Rather than considering any of these three options, he wants to find a true ending that he genuinely loves and that would satisfy his fans.

However, Togashi’s revelation of the previously set-aside fourth option would create more buzz, but fans could consider it canon in the event of his demise. This ending focuses on Jin, the grandson of Gon, who, unlike Gon, catches the giant fish called the “Lake Lord” at the beginning of his hunting journey. However, Jin persuades his mother to let go of the pressure for him to become a hunter. The young woman declares that she could never allow her loved ones, like Gon and other Hunters, to wait for her forever. Yet, aware of her ability, her parents know it will one day take her away from Whale Island. The ending also reveals that Gon has become a famous and powerful hunter, married to Noko, one of the few children who grew up with him. The series concludes with a bird flying over various locations, showcasing many new characters who could be the children or grandchildren of Hunter x Hunter’s heroes.

While this news might seem ominous considering Togashi’s health, it should be kept in mind that context is crucial. Togashi explicitly stated that this is just a discarded ending, so sharing it with fans does not pose a spoiler risk. The reason he mentioned it being considered canon in case of his death is likely because he has not yet decided which of the other three valid possible endings he would use. Despite Togashi’s long-standing health issues, he has continued to work on Hunter X Hunter with a loosely consistent schedule, indicating a positive sign for his health. Hopefully, fans of Hunter x Hunter will be able to read the finale of this generational epic crafted by its creator.

Yoshira Togashi | HxH
Yoshira Togashi | HxH

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