Rick and Morty İntroduced the Most Surprising Family Member of Rick in Its 7th Season!

The 7th Season of Rick and Morty significantly pushed the overall story of the series forward, and the latest episode added a hilariously new member to Rick Sanchez’s family with the introduction of an astonishing uncle! Not only did the season bring back Rick Prime but it also decided to revive Evil Morty, shaking things up in a big way with the last episode. The two main antagonists appeared in the same episode for the first time, leading to a bloody and expectedly intense outcome.

In Season 7, Episode 5 of Rick and Morty, Rick finally discovered where Rick Prime was hiding with the help of Evil Morty. It was revealed that Rick Prime had created the Omega Device, a powerful new weapon capable of wiping out an individual across all realities simultaneously. To demonstrate the power of this new weapon, Rick Prime used it to kill a member of his family, Slow Mobius, who was revealed to be Rick’s uncle and had a strong connection to both Rick and Rick Prime.

Who is Slow Mobius?

Slow Mobius was initially introduced in the final episode of Rick and Morty’s first season, “Ricksy Business,” as an apparently random alien invited to a house party with the ability to slow down time. Rick Prime decides to use him as an example of the power of the Omega Device. It is emphasized that Slow Mobius is not just a random character but a part of Rick’s family (Rick refers to him as “Slow Uncle” and even sheds tears for him), and Rick Prime warns that killing him would also harm himself.

This is certainly a joke involving a randomly introduced character from the first season (Morty was clearly confused about how he was related to Rick), but it highlights how deadly the Omega Device is, as Slow Mobius is wiped out across all realities after using his power to slow down his death. It’s a wild moment that adds more mystery to Rick’s past and the future of the series in a humorous way.

What were your thoughts on Slow Mobius’s death in Season 7 of Rick and Morty? Share all your opinions on this matter in the comments!

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