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Weibo Gaming Becomes the First Finalist at Worlds 2023

The excitement at Worlds 2023 has reached its peak. China’s strong representative, Weibo Gaming, emerged as the first finalist team of Worlds 2023 after an intense and thrilling five-game series against Bilibili Gaming. In this challenging and strategic battle, both teams displayed extraordinary skill and determination. The opponent for Weibo Gaming in the final will be determined following tomorrow’s semi-final match between T1 and JD Gaming. With this significant victory, Weibo Gaming has moved one step closer to the world championship.

BLG – WBG | Match 1 Weibo Gaming Roster:

  • Top Lane: TheShy – Rumble
  • Jungle: Weiwei – Bel’Veth
  • Mid Lane: Xiaohu – Neeko
  • Bot Lane: Light – Aphelios
  • Support: Crisp – Milio

Bilibili Gaming Roster:

  • Top Lane: Bin – Aatrox
  • Jungle: Xun – Vi
  • Mid Lane: Yagao – Syndra
  • Bot Lane: Elk – Xayah
  • Support: ON – Rell

Match Progress:

  • The match was marked by a rivalry between TheShy and Bin, with the first blood going to Bilibili Gaming. Xun’s effective gank in the bot lane as Vi resulted in Crisp’s Milio giving the score to Rell.
  • Although Bilibili Gaming secured the first blood and the first dragon, they fell behind Weibo Gaming in team fights.
  • Once Weibo Gaming gained the score advantage, they tightly controlled the game and made no mistakes.
  • In the top lane, TheShy’s Rumble exhibited impressive performance throughout the game, providing an advantage for his team.

Match Outcome: Weibo Gaming defeated Bilibili Gaming in the first match, taking a 1-0 lead in the series. Their superior team play and individual performances throughout the match earned them the first victory.

BLG – WBG | Match 2 Bilibili Gaming Roster:

  • Top Lane: Bin – Jax
  • Jungle: Xun – Vi
  • Mid Lane: Yagao – Sylas
  • Bot Lane: Elk – Varus
  • Support: ON – Ashe

Weibo Gaming Roster:

  • Top Lane: TheShy – Aatrox
  • Jungle: Weiwei – Maokai
  • Mid Lane: Xiaohu – Azir
  • Bot Lane: Light – Caitlyn
  • Support: Crisp – Lux

Match Progress:

  • Bilibili Gaming played aggressively in the early stages, especially in the top lane and jungle, while Weibo Gaming focused more on the bot and mid lanes.
  • Weibo Gaming tried to gain an advantage with TheShy’s Aatrox, but Bilibili Gaming’s bot lane, with Varus (Elk) and Ashe (ON), played tightly and gained superiority in turret battles.
  • Thanks to Xun’s effective ganks and map control with Vi, Bilibili Gaming was able to dominate the dragons.
  • In the mid-phase of the match, the power of Bilibili Gaming’s bot lane balanced Weibo Gaming’s advantage in the top lane, while Yagao’s Sylas secured key team fight victories.
  • Bilibili Gaming, especially with Elk’s impressive performance on Varus, put pressure on Weibo Gaming and secured key objectives.

Towards the end of the match, Bilibili Gaming advanced strongly, destroying Weibo Gaming’s Nexus, and equalized the series at 1-1.

Match Outcome: Bilibili Gaming defeated Weibo Gaming, tying the series at 1-1.

BLG – WBG | Match 3 Pick and Ban Phase:

  • Bilibili Gaming: Bin (Aatrox), Xun (Vi), Yagao (Akali), Elk (Kalista), ON (Caitlyn).
  • Weibo Gaming: TheShy (Graves), Weiwei (Poppy), Xiaohu (Syndra), Light (Varus), Crisp (Ashe).

Match Progress:

  • In this match, TheShy’s choice of Graves in the top lane against Bin’s Aatrox showcased superior performance. Weibo maintained constant pressure, establishing an early game advantage.
  • Bilibili Gaming’s bot lane initially tried to pressure Weibo’s bot lane. However, Weibo Gaming’s overall strategy was to direct the game using TheShy’s dominance in the top lane.
  • Weibo Gaming, with early pressure, gained control of several key objectives and advantages in team fights, highlighted by TheShy’s performance with Graves.

Scores and End of Match:

  • Weibo Gaming, with TheShy’s impressive performance and strong team synergy, gained the upper hand against Bilibili Gaming.
  • TheShy’s performance with Graves, finishing the match with a 5/0/0 score, was the highlight, strengthening Weibo Gaming’s position in the series and marking an important step towards the final.

BLG – WBG | Match 4

The fourth match between Weibo Gaming and Bilibili Gaming was marked by strategic moves and intense action. The pick and ban phase reflected both teams’ efforts to neutralize their opponents’ strengths.

One of the match’s highlights was Bilibili Gaming’s top laner Bin’s choice of Jax. Bin established significant superiority over his opponent with this pick, playing a key role in winning the match. His dominant performance in the top lane allowed his team to pressure the opponent throughout the game.

Both teams exhibited a balanced battle throughout the game. While Weibo Gaming tried to gain an early advantage, Bilibili Gaming looked for counterplays to stay in the game.

As the match progressed, Bilibili Gaming increased its dominance over the opponent. The team’s coordination and individual performances became decisive factors. Particularly, Bin’s impressive play with Jax established a dominant advantage over the opposing team.

This critical victory brought Bilibili Gaming to a 2-2 tie in the series, maintaining their contention for the championship and pushing the series to a final match. The fourth match highlighted the competitive nature of the series and the determination of both teams to win the championship.

BLG – WBG | Match 5

In the fifth and final match of the League of Legends World Championship semi-final between Weibo Gaming and Bilibili Gaming, a breathtaking rivalry unfolded. Both teams displayed spirited performances. Weibo Gaming’s aggressive play style and team coordination were particularly noticeable in the bot lane. Bilibili Gaming, on the other hand, stood out with critical team fights and effective positioning during crucial moments.

A pivotal moment in the match was when Weibo Gaming’s player Elk ambushed and eliminated the opposing team’s support player Chris. This move helped Weibo Gaming take control of the game. However, Bilibili Gaming remained resilient and put up a tough fight. Ultimately, in this hard-fought battle, Weibo Gaming secured a 3-2 lead in the series, advancing to the finals and taking a significant step towards the championship.

Post-Match Disappointment for Bin
Post-Match Disappointment for Bin


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