FUT Esports Announced Their New Assistant Coach!

One of the leading esports clubs, FUT Esports which competing in VCT: EMEA, continues its preparations for the new VALORANT season. FUT made roster changes by adding Yetujey and cNed to its lineup, and today they announced their new assistant coach through their social media accounts.

Who is FUT Esports’new assistant coach?

FUT’s new coach is Alp “Sw4y” Özkuvancı. Sw4y’s coaching career, according to vlr.gg, began with OtherSide. Starting with OtherSide’s academy team, OtherSide Blue, his career continued as the main squad of the academy team at OtherSide. After parting ways with OtherSide as a team, they joined eJutsu Gaming. With the team disbanding, Sw4y began to forge his own path and took on the role of assistant coach at Fenerbahçe Esports in the VRL TR:Unity League. After a season with FB Esports, we now see him at FUT Esports.

SW4Y | eJutsu Gaming | FUT Esports
SW4Y | eJutsu Gaming Times


We wish Sw4y and FUT Esports success in the upcoming season.

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