S2G Esports Announced Their 2024 VALORANT Roster

S2G Esports, known for its achievements in PUBG Mobile and making a strong entry into VALORANT last year with a competitive roster, announced their 2024 VALORANT lineup today at 5:00 PM through their social media accounts. The unveiling of the roster, just 8 days before the start of the VCL TR: Birlik League, drew attention due to both technical issues and community reactions.

S2G Esports 2024 VALORANT Roster:

  • Muj

  • AslanM4shadoW

  • Jeyj7y

  • AimDLL

  • Russz

S2G Esports 2024 VALORANT Roster
S2G Esports 2024 VALORANT Roster

While there has been much speculation about the coach, with numerous names circulating from 999 to LEGO, the absence of a coach in the announcement also caught attention. The delay in the announcement is said to be related to the expiration of contracts for transfer fees. The postponement of the announcement date is attributed to a death in the S2G family initially. The reason for the announcement on the 11th is the club’s decision not to share a video containing inappropriate content for the Regaip Kandil, a special day in Islam. However, a technical error was present in the video shared today, as there was no sound in the middle of the video. Despite the technical issue, fans who have been eagerly waiting for the roster did not express much discontent.

Former BBL players are also part of the team.

Aslan will be playing for his second VALORANT team, starting his career with BBL and now embarking on new horizons after a 3-year partnership. Muj has been successful in every team he joined but often found himself outside rosters after each success. Jeyj7y, known for his achievements with Surreal and Parla, had his name associated with BBL for a long time after a successful season with Fire Flux. AimDLL, the sixth player in BBL last season, generated much discussion but did not get a chance to play; now, after a season away from the stage, he is back. Russz was also part of S2G last season and had previously passed through BBL.

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