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HOWL Esports Announced Their 2024 Rosters!

In 2023, HOWL Esports, who secured the EMEA championship in PUBG and represented Turkey in PGS1, achieved various successes in VALORANT’s Game Changers Contenders and Rebels. Additionally, they successfully qualified for the VCL TR: Birlik League. HOWL made a swift entrance into 2024 with their new jerseys, announcing the retention of their three rosters and the addition of battle royale streamer Mithrain as a content creator for the club. In 2023, HOWL Esports won the “Esports Team of the Year” award at the 5mid Awards and also secured the “Best Debutant Turkish Esports Organization of the Year” award at the Flank Esports Awards.

HOWL Esports 2024

HOWL Esports 2024 | Mithrain and New Season Jersey
HOWL Esports 2024 | Mithrain and New Season Jersey

The announcement of HOWL’s complete transformation of its jersey, accompanied by a logo change, sparked extensive discussions on social media. One of the most frequently asked questions regarding the matter was whether the jersey would be available for purchase. Our 5mid writer posed this question to the club’s manager, 212s, or Vedatkrcy, during a Twitch livestream, and the response we received indicated that the sale would occur after certain sponsorship processes and that it would not be limited to just the jersey but also include other team merchandise.

HOWL Esports 2024 PUBG Roster

  • Yunus Emre “TheMad” Ağaç (Captain)

  • Bünyamin “CodeMarco” Yalçınkaya

  • Tugay “Quetpa” Demirel

  • Salih “RuerN” Demirbaş

  • Eren “Pogue” Gündüz (Coach)

HOWL Esports 2024 | PUBG
HOWL Esports 2024 | PUBG

At the end of 2023, HOWL announced the departure of their former roster members Scof1eld and LAHZA. In their 2024 roster, we see the addition of Turkish PUBG legend Codemarco from Digital Athletics and Quetpa from PCIFIC Esports, taking the places of the aforementioned duo. TheMad and RuerN, on the other hand, have been long-standing players within the HOWL organization.

HOWL Esports 2024 VALORANT Roster

  • Mercan “Gloomy” Özalp (Captain + IGL)

  • Uğurcan “Anima” Aydın

  • Emre “VenTT” Bozkurt

  • Eren “Crewen” Sargın

  • Doğan “xeus” Gözgen

  • Tolunay “Jonsyp” Pınarlı (Coach)

HOWL Esports 2024 | VALORANT

When we look at the 2024 VALORANT roster, there has been no change. This roster joined HOWL after a merger with New Boss Esports, and since then, it has remained unchanged. In 2023, they not only achieved success in various third-party tournaments but also secured a spot in the closed qualifiers by earning the highest ROT points in ESA TITANS tournaments. They successfully advanced from the closed qualifiers to compete in the VCL TR: Birlik League.

HOWL Esports 2024 VALORANT Moonlight Roster

  • Kader “Lexa” Karaöz (IGL)

  • Beril “NAKSU” Özdemir (Captain)

  • Beste “Ixela” Şenel

  • Gökçe “ritsu” Koç

  • Sude “xenia” Altaş

  • Berkay “Hershill” Özen (Coach)

HOWL Esports | VALORANT Moonlight
HOWL Esports 2024 | VALORANT Moonlight

When it comes to HOWL’s Game Changers roster, Moonlight, we observe a two-player change. BySmall and Liyan from the 2023 roster are no longer part of the team, and in their places, Lexa, who was most recently with Gamax Lite, and Ixela, previously with Eternal Fire Valkyries, have joined the lineup. There is also a change in the coaching staff, with Hershill, who last coached at Eternal Fire Valkyries, now being part of the team.

We wish luck to the HOWL Esports for 2024 Season!
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